December 27, 2008

November 7, 2008




    cold weather is here

    i love the early part of fall.  in my area, september-early november is tops when it comes to temperature.

    now it’s cold, i have a metal chair in front of my computer, and my posture is horrible.  of course, i’m cynical.


    i have a lot of time to think to myself.

    sometimes my thinking is guided by the radio talk-shows, and the rest of the time is spent day-dreaming to music you’ld probably just not get (or get too well.  there doesn’t seem to be a middle-ground).  i think about issues concerning the organization of information (boring), the failure of structured growth in the church (zzzzzz….), the mindless sheep that fuel personality cults, but today i focused in on one singular topic.



    as many as three squirrels were seen dead in one spot.  at least fives squirrels attempted suicide by the tread of my tires (visual confirmation of continued life was made, in most cases).  some might assume that the incline in squirrel mortality could be attributed to the sharp increase in A.C.O.R.N.s.  i’m more willing to bet that recent news of the Obama victory, and the falling dollar, has sent a record number of squirrels wondering what they really have to live for.

    this may be the end for our rodent friends.








    now what?

    this is a good response to the idea that the free market caused our collapse


     i love how they are so concerned with what is popular with the people.  they understand that to get votes, you need to hand out entitlements and not take them away.








November 4, 2008





    lets watch and see how fast obama heals this nation







October 15, 2008



    the cult of personality will kill us all

    and the baby boomers


    and cancer


    BARACK 666 OBAMA 08!

    because if you die with a million dollars, the government should take half before your children ever see it!  AND THAT’S AFTER INCOME TAXES!

    and saving premature babies would compromise roe v. wade!

    the rich don’t deserve to be, and the poor should be rewarded for being poor!

    corporations should pay more taxes, that cuts jobs and adds more children to the obama welfare family!




    wake me up when this is over

October 9, 2008

  • feel free to skip over this.  i’m only crying, “wolf!”




    run away from popular thought.  it is probably wrong.






    lower taxes will generate more tax revenue.  higher taxes will cut jobs.

    we don’t see this because it goes against the legend of FDR.

    FDR is that great man who “saved” us from the depression.

    we only climbed out of the depression when we were swept into WWII.

    what kind of catastrophe with bring us out of this?

    will obama be seen as the next FDR?

    what kind of propaganda will our children be subject to?

October 7, 2008

October 4, 2008

  • my girlfriend’s roommate is always surprised that i like Korean food. she had prepared a dinner for us, tonight, and apparently the kimchi was not aged nearly enough. i tend to like my cabbage on the firm side, but i guess i’m not living unless i’ve had rotten cabbage. don’t get me wrong, i’d probably like the real deal. it’s just different to talk about a food not being rotten enough.


    yum! (and that’s not lasagna)

    later in the evening, i participated in a conversation over what pixar movies were the least enjoyable. i remain fairly confident that “cars” will always be on the top-ten list of the worst movies ever made. can you imagine any other movie being so patronizing and campy?

    here’s a list of worn-out themes found in the movie “cars”:

    1. good things are found “off the beaten track”. (and they beat this theme like an injured race horse)
    2. big city guy enters a small town and assumes dominance.
    3. “people” are better off going back to the way things used to be.
    4. whatever, this movie sucks

    if you really liked this giant wal*mart marketing scheme, then you obviously don’t need to care about what i think. just watch your nascar and larry the cable guy, and pretend that somehow the modern world has passed you by. never mind the fact that the modern “country” culture being peddled by CMT, nascar, and nashville, shares no resemblance with how things used to be.

    take a look at this music video of rascal flatts with the song they covered (for lack of creativity) for the movie.

    if you could watch that and still believe that they have anything in common with people who live off the land, there is little hope for you.

    find a better band

October 3, 2008

  • today, i discovered how little wine i can hold without feeling buzzed.
    i hate being buzzed, i can’t even imagine how crappy it would feel to be drunk.  maybe, someday i’ll cherish that feeling, but i’d hope the opposite for the sake of my kidneys.

    the wine was had with a lasagnia that was prepared by the lovely Mrs. Smith, in honor of the girlfriend’s 24th birthday.  i don’t really mind being 1.5 years behind her.


    i was fairly impressed with the v. p. debate.  a lot of people were expecting a repeat of the katie couric interview.



    i like to read science fiction.  currently, i have been hooked on the novels of orson scott card.  the ender series would probably be his most famous collection.  i’m hoping that the homecoming series will be as entertaining.




    do you like science fiction?  if yes, what authors do you like the most?





    why doesn’t salt water taffy taste salty?

September 30, 2008

  • my thoughts exactly

    i’m not sure that most people understand how long the democrats have been trying to keep regulation away from freddie mac and fannie mae.

    i guess no one is perfect

    what does this prove? there are two men running for president. one of them has been in washington longer than i have been alive. the other has been there for four years, and is already capable of the same scandalous behavior. there is no candidate that represents your values, nor is there someone who is really looking out for you.

    if we can learn anything from this current congress, it is to not trust the campaign that promises to bring change to washington. they have accomplished nothing, just as obama will accomplish nothing.

    the day that mccain stands up for conservative values, is the day that someone tells him what conservatism means.

    we do not want the IRS taking money from our paychecks.

    /end rant

    /join sanity

    i feel like the stereotypes from the office are a little too over-played.

    played, and played, and played out.